Investigator Protocols/Requirements for Investigators

All investigators are required to abide by and agree to the protocols as outlined herein. Please understand that these protocols are in place for your safety.

  • Proper Attire for Investigations
  • All SPI wear is approved.
    • These are sold at cost, with no mark-up.
  • Alternately:
    • Solid color shirts (no tank tops or sleeveless shirts)
    • Solid color sweat shirts
    • Walking or cargo shorts (denim, or khaki). No short shorts. Shorts should come to mid-thigh at a minimum.
    • Tennis shoes, work boots, hiking boot - closed toed/closed heeled shoes required. No sandals or flip-flops, high heels or slip on shoes of any kind.
    • Baseball caps are available from the SPI Store.
    • Jeans, cargo pants, Dockers style pants.
    • At an investigation, one might experience olfactory sensations (smells) it is thus very important that investigators do not wear perfume, cologne, strong scented deodorant, use strong scented shampoo, or wash their clothing in a strong scented detergent or fabric softener. If someone notices that an investigator has a particular scent about them, it should be documented to prevent confusing that odor with an apparent anomalous scent.
    • Frequently, sounds are heard or recorded during an investigation. Clothing, jewelry or accessories which make noise should not be worn during an investigation.

Remember, we are a professional organization, and must maintain a professional image. Dress appropriately and take into consideration weather conditions.

  • Behavior on an investigation
    Investigations can go from fun to dull to very exciting in a short space of time. Keeping that in mind, we expect our investigators to maintain a professional demeanor at all times.
    • That means:
      • No swearing, no questionable jokes and no off color comments around the client.
      • No negative comments of any kind around the client, whether about the client's property, situation or other groups who may have investigated.
      • SPI cannot determine cause of reported haunting until the investigation is complete and evidence is thoroughly reviewed. We do not hypothesize or theorize with the client during an investigation. All will be discussed at the time of the reveal.
  • Getting Spooked.
    • Do not run, do not scream.
    • You'll be working as part of a team, so alert the nearest team member that you need to leave the area and have them escort you out.
    • If you're escorting someone, alert another team mate. If you're in a group of three, all of you must leave. Tell a Founder too.If you don't feel like you can go back to an area, do not go.
      • If you are escorting someone, stay calm and collected. Make sure the affected person is well clear of the area, sit them down and wait with them until they are feeling better. If they can talk about the experience please record what they say somehow. It's a personal experience and might be important. Does that seem a little callous? It is, a bit, but we're here to research exactly this kind of thing.
  • Getting Hurt.
    If someone is injured or incapacitated:
    • Call for help, either by walkie-talkie or cell phone. Inform the team first, since we may need to make sure a potential 911 call has access to the site.
    • We abandon the investigation immediately. Lights go on, equipment goes off and we make sure we can get to the casualty.
    • Someone stays with the casualty at all times until help arrives, unless doing so would put another team member at risk. We want to avoid creating multiple casualties.

For these reasons there will be no alcohol or drugs at an investigation. If you are on prescription drugs of any kind and you have been advised not to operate heavy machinery or drive, you should NOT be on an investigation.

  • Alcohol, Drugs and Medication.We will not consume alcohol before or during an investigation.
  • There will be no controlled substances before, during or after an investigation.
  • If you are on prescription medication that alters mood, alertness or capabilities, you are required to tell the team lead or not attend the investigation.
  • We insist on the above because the effects of any or all of these things can change your perceptions.