EVP Protocol


Audio is utilized in a paranormal investigation to capture sounds which investigators cannot source and to capture electronic voice phenomena - the term traditionally used to describe unexpected sounds or voices sometimes found on recording media. EVP may be indicative of paranormal activity, however EVP may be prompted by different means. This protocol is designed to capture EVP during different situations in order to determine

  • Do spirits communicate through electronic manipulation?
  • Does conversation amongst investigators create more instances of EVP?
  • Does absolute silence affect the frequency, and clarity of EVP?
  • Are spirits choosey about who they communicate with?


Digital or analog recording device, batteries, spare batteries at least three sets, tapes if using analog - enough to cover the entire investigation, external microphone (required for analog/optional for digital)


  • EVP work will be conducted with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 investigators (fewer is best).
  • At the beginning of each EVP session, each investigator will state his or her name for audio to provide a sample of their voice for comparison later, and to capture their presence for the record.
  • EVP work will consist of a series of 10 pre-scripted questions.
  • There will be no less than 2 audio recorders running in a location where capturing EVP is attempted
  • Investigator one will ask the 10 pre-scripted questions
  • There will be a pause of no less than 30 seconds and no more than 60 seconds between questions
  • After the questions are asked there will be a pause of 5 minutes where all investigators present will remain still and silent
  • After the period of silence, there will be a five minute conversation between two investigators present. All others will remain still and silent.
  • After the period of silence, there will be a five minute conversation between two investigators present. All others will remain still and silent. If there are four investigators in the room, the two investigators conversing will NOT be the investigators asking questions. If there are three investigators present the two investigators conversing will be investigator 2 and investigator 3. Investigator 1 will remain still and silent. If only two investigators are present, investigator one and two will converse. Topics of conversation will be limited and will be in no way related to the site, the investigation, or the paranormal. Conversation topics will be: The weather. Current News Events. Conversation will not evoke an emotional response, will not be controversial and will be held in normal a conversational tone.
  • After the conversation, investigator 2 will ask the same scripted questions as investigator one, with a pause of at least 30 seconds but no more than 60 seconds between questions.
  • All questions will be asked in normal conversational tone.
  • It is preferred that investigator one and investigator two be of opposite sex

If, during EVP work an audible response is to occur (rapping, knocking, etc.) it is expected that EVP protocol will be abandoned to an extent. The person asking the questions will change their course of questioning to elicit more active responses. All investigators MUST stay within eyeshot of the video camera during this time to validate that no investigator is causing the phenomena. The Photographer will photograph around the areas where the activity is occurring, as well as the investigators to document them. If activity does not include solicited response type activity - the questioning investigator should state for audio - "We will begin gathering readings at this time" Temperature, EMF, and other readings will be captured and documented. Photographer will continue taking photographs. Once activity has stopped, investigators will continue with EVP work until complete.

During EVP Work it is very important that all investigators remain as still as possible and as quiet as possible. If an external noise is heard; or an investigator shifts, sighs, makes a body noise; the interviewer will verbally remark for audio. If the interviewer fails to remark and another investigator hears an external noise or the noise of another investigator, that investigator will state his/her name and remark on the noise heard.


  • Audio recorders which have time/date stamp will be synchronized with all other equipment on the investigation.
  • Upon setting audio, a test on each piece of equipment will be conducted and left on the audio device to show its working order on review.
  • Test will consist of the investigator stating his/her name. the case number. The date. The time. and "This is an audio check". The investigator will then playback the audio check to confirm the recording device is operational.
  • Upon entering the location to conduct the EVP Work: The photographer will state for audio - Time, Date, Case Number, "Photo check", and proceed to photograph the entire location, taking controls, and capturing all views of the room and location of audio equipment.
  • Photographer will take control shots and follow all photographic protocol
  • Once the photo check has been completed, all investigators who will be involved in the EVP work will singly enter the room/location. Upon entering the room, each investigator will state his/her name and sit down in the most comfortable and relaxed position possible.
  • Once everyone is seated the photographer will again photograph the entire location capturing the seating arrangement of the investigators in relationship to the audio equipment.

Data Interpretation:

  • Audio data will be reviewed and documented by the owner of the audio recorder unless assigned to another investigator.
  • Documentation will consist of all audio occurrence, natural or possibly supernatural. This written log will be posted in the Investigators Section of the Sonoran Paranormal Investigations Forums for the purpose of review and comparison by other investigators.
  • All data - whether indicative of paranormal activity or not will be maintained and preserved for not less than one week AFTER the reveal.
  • Data captured on tape, should it reveal suspected paranormal activity, will be transferred to CD/DVD and uploaded for further analysis by the team.
  • All data will be preserved in raw, unaltered form. If you must 'clean' or otherwise alter the data you will provide for analysis the raw/unaltered form WITH the 'clean' data for comparison. If you 'clean' or alter the data in any way - you will provide a clear explanation of all processing done on the data
  • After further analysis, if the team deems the question unanswered the data may be provided for outside analysis to TAPS Family and/or IPI for further evaluation and consultation - identifying information related to the source of the data (names of clients, location of investigation) will be withheld from the consultant.
  • After consultative review - if an satisfactory explanation is not achieved - the data will be copied for client and the original stored for our records and publishing.



The "Asking Questions" script.

Between each question, anyone in the area will remain silent for no less than 30 seconds, preferably a full minute.

1: Is there anyone here who would like to make contact with us?

2: Could you give us your name?

3: Was this place important to you?

4: Is there someone you are trying to contact?

5: Can you tell us where you are?

6: Is there something we can do for you?

7: What is the last thing you remember?

8: Are we intruding on your space?

9: Can we help you in any way?

10: Have you tried to contact anyone else?