Photo Submissions

The members of Sonoran Paranormal Investigations are happy to review most photos submitted to us.  But, you must understand that any evaluation of your photos can only come from the viewpoint of a casual observer.  Since we were not present when the photo was taken, we cannot fully evaluate the situation and give you anything more than what we see in the photo.  We cannot verify the existence of anything paranormal in the photograph as we were not there.  We cannot verify the conditions that the photograph was taken under, or the entire circumstance of the phenomena.Please understand as well that we are not trying to discredit your evidence.  If you submit a photograph for us, and we come up with an alternative explanation of what the photo may be, please do not be offended by our evaluation.  We are offering an honest opinion of a situation that we were not involved with.  We cannot verify the existence of any type of paranormal phenomena based solely upon the evidence presented photographically.  If you are unwilling to accept what findings we may have on your photo evaluation (you are 100% positive that the photograph shows paranormal activity and we say otherwise based upon our experiences and what is presented to us), please do not submit them to us.  We do not wish to offend you by saying otherwise.  We will not lie to you on our evaluations.With this in mind, if you wish to submit photographs to us, we have two stipulations when it comes to photographic submissions:1. Absolutely no photos taken with a cell phone
2. No "Orb" photosWhy do we have these stipulations?

Cell Phone Photographs

There are primarily two reasons why we will not accept photos from a cell phone:1. Cameras in cell phones are low-resolution images with low-quality CCD chips used to capture the image.  Cell phones also usually contain no flash unit on them, so taking a photo in the dark leads to poor quality, blurry images that the chip is unable to process without an adequate source of light.  Most cell phone images also do not contain the EXIF file information that we require to properly evaluate the photograph.  The EXIF information tells us quite a bit about the photo.  The shutter speed, the focal length of the lens, the brand of camera used, and any software used to manipulate the image.2. The IPhone has a few applications available for it to "insert" a ghostly image into the photograph.  The most commonly used software is called "Ghost Capture."  There are other such products available for other cell phone manufacturers.  There have been a rash of these so called "Ghostly Images" that have been submitted to a number of paranormal investigative teams.  At first this has caught a few teams off-guard and they were duped into believing in thes "apparitions."  There has been too much nonsense going on with these images.  We are here to help people who are concerned about what may or may not be happening in their lives.  We are not here for someone to get the kicks by deceiving us or any other group of investigators.


Sonoran Paranormal Investigations takes a strong stance on orbs.  We do not believe that orbs are anything paranormal.  Click here for an article written by Anthony Milhorn, who is the founder of SSPRS, which is a TAPS Family in east Tennessee.  SPI is in 100% agreement with his findings and we are publishing this with his permission.