Video Protocol


Video is used to capture activity which may be of a paranormal nature during an investigation; to record investigational components or experiments; to capture specific phenomena or cause for purposes of validation.


Video Camera; Tapes, DVD, or Hard drive; Batteries or Electrical Power source, additional IR source - IR Extender.


  • Video cameras will be stationed in such a way as to capture as much of the location as possible.
  • If enough camera's are available, cams may be utilized to record experiments or other equipment readings.
  • If there are enough cameras available one camera may be utilized as a hand held to be controlled by a single individual throughout the investigation to ensure consistency in the capture, the handheld unit will attempt to capture: In areas where stationary cameras are capturing the entire location; the handheld will focus on the investigation (investigators at work). In areas where stationary cameras are not capturing the entire location; the handheld will attempt cover these un-captured areas.
  • Priority of camera usage> Stationary Cameras to cover entire Location - main priority. Stationary Cameras covering experiments - priority 2. Handheld cameras - as cameras are available.


  • Video Cameras which have time date stamp will be synchronized with all other equipment on the investigation.
  • Stationary Cameras will not be altered or moved unless specifically required to capture an uncovered area experiencing paranormal activity. Any change to stationary camera will be documented.
  • Any change of a stationary camera will be noted. Stationary cameras will have an adequate light source and adequate battery and film to cover the entire area it is being used for. The technical Manager will determine the best cameras for each location based on its available light, battery and storage capability.

Data Interpretation:

  • Video data will be reviewed and documented by the owner of the camera unless assigned to another investigator.
  • Documentation will consist of all audio and visual occurrence, natural or possibly supernatural. This will be posted in the Investigators
  • Section of the Sonoran Paranormal Investigations Forums for the purpose of review and comparison by other investigators.
  • All data - whether indicative of paranormal activity or not will be maintained and preserved for not less than one week AFTER the reveal.
  • Data captured on tape, should it reveal suspected paranormal activity, will be transferred to DVD and uploaded for further analysis by the team.
  • After further analysis, if the team deems the question unanswered the data may be provided for outside analysis to TAPS Family and/or IPI for further evaluation and consultation - identifying information related to the source of the data (names of clients, location of investigation) will be withheld from the consultant.
  • After consultative review - if an satisfactory explanation is not achieved - the data will be copied for client and stored for either: publishing, or for future review in our records.