How Can SPI Help You?

You may reach out to SPI for any reason - either you have a question about something happening in your life, a photograph or recording you would like analyzed, or perhaps you need and want a full investigation. SPI is here to help!

If a full investigation of your home or business is required, here is the step by step of how it will happen. Remember, we do not "get rid of" your ghost, but we do arm you with information which can be empowering or might be just what you need in order to get the right kind of help to solve your personal situation.

  • First: You contact SPI either via phone, or email or you complete the investigation request form.
  • Second: The Case Manager will contact you an collect more information over the phone. During this conversation he will arrange an initial meeting.
  • Third: The initial meeting/interview: Our case manager, investigative team leader, and technical manager will come to your location for an initial interview, to get some baseline readings and to get a general layout of the location for our investigation planning. Our historian may join them in order to gather information which may aid her in her historical research of your property. We will attempt to schedule the initial investigation at this time. During the interview, you will be asked to sign documents allowing SPI to investigate the property and indicating your required level of privacy (from do not publish anything, or publish with our names and location withheld, or publish everything hiding nothing)
  • Fourth: The investigation: Our team of qualified investigators will congregate at your location. The number of investigators will depend on the size of the location we are investigating. Much of our investigation will include video and audio review so we ask that on this night that people on the property are limited to the property owners and investigation team. We will conduct a second interview to find out if anything new has occurred and whether the activity has been greater or less of late.

  • Each member of the investigation team will be identifiable by SPI Identification so that you know who belongs there.
  • Our investigative team lead will already have an investigation plan in place, our technical manager will have the equipment set up plan in place. These will be subject to change based on the second interview on the night of the investigation.
  • We will set up audio and video equipment to capture reported activity. We will do some validating as well - that is, we will look for logical explanations to any of the reported phenomena (i.e.. flickering lights or banging sounds). We will take thorough readings throughout the property of Electromagnetic Fields and temperature.
  • Depending on the size of the location, teams of two or three will investigate specific areas and conduct EVP work. EVP, electronic voice phenomena, is a common occurrence whereby it is believed by some that spirits can manipulate electronic equipment to communicate with the living. The investigative team will continue to collect EMF and Temperature readings throughout the investigation and photographs will be taken throughout the investigation.
  • Fifth: Evidence review: Depending on how many hours of video and audio we need to review and how many photographs there are to review, and the need for outside consultation, evidence review will take between two to four weeks. This seems like a long time - we know, but we want to make sure that if we have caught anything we are very thorough in our examinations. Outside consultation is an important part of our evidence review. If we send something out for consultation, we do so with your privacy in mind. We will NEVER reveal anything about the location or the people involved!
  • Sixth: The reveal: The case manager and investigative team leader will come to your location. You will be provided with a full copy of our report and copies of any evidence we have collected. We will confirm your requested level of privacy before we publish our report. At this time we will discuss, as needed, potential follow up investigations or outside referrals. Often, investigations do require follow up - we are here for you until you tell us to go away. Further investigations will help SPI to continue to validate our findings, to monitor your situation, to be there to support you and to provide you with any further documentation you may require.