Private Residence, Mesa, AZ - Investigation Report

Case Number: SPI07212007-C-ALRES

Location: Private Residence Mesa, AZ
Date: July 21, 2007

Solar X-rays: None
Geomagnetic: Quiet
Temp: 102f Dew Point: 65f
Humidity: 47%
Wind: 11.3MPH East
Moon: 1st Quarter

Investigators: David Delgado, Dave Webb, Danielle Waluck, Paul Bradford, Sandra Senecal

The home is an apartment/condominium built in the late 70?s. Part of the investigation was conducted with no one in the property. The entire investigative team and the family decided to go out to dinner and leave the equipment running. During the time the home was empty our equipment caught various noises which are related to the electrical storm outside, people in a neighboring apartment or outside, the family cat. Video equipment caught nothing unusual. We did not capture anything anomalous during this part of the investigation.

On return to the property after dinner, the storm lightened significantly. Due to the size of the property, we conducted our investigation in teams of two investigators working at a time. Maintaining strict adherence to SPI EVP Protocol, EVP sessions were conducted first by, Dave Webb and Sandra Senecal then by David Delgado and Danielle Waluck. Paul Bradford maintained the command center downstairs. On completion of each EVP Session each of the groups attempted to elicit an intelligent response from any entity which may have been present. Each team called out and asked specific questions relating to the suspected source of any potential haunting. At one point, David Webb felt that the back of his head was touched. On review of the video, showing Dave Webb before, during and after this experience, we note that Webb had frequently been adjusting his headlamp throughout the night. We reason, therefore that a high probability for the sensation of the touch was caused by the headlamp strap becoming twisted and then righting itself. There are no other personal experiences to report.

EMF: Readings were taken with the Sperry EMF meter.

There were several small spikes that did not have an accompanying appliance or power source.

During the baselines, spikes of 0.2 to 0.5 were noted on and around the changing table. It should be noted that there is a power outlet close to the floor, which we could not reach, but which had nothing connected to it. The readings around the table were at least a meter away from this outlet, therefore under normal circumstances those readings should have been around 0.02 or less.

This might indicate faulty wiring. The Trifield Natural recorded nothing when set to Electrical, meaning that the most likely explanation is Mains Electricity.

A second spike, of 0.6, was discovered in the living room at the end of the couch nearest the outer wall. This spike was two to three feet in the air and again at least a meter from the nearest appliance, power outlet and the floor. The reading remained steady for at least two minutes. A thunder storm started a minute or so later. David Delgado attempted to confirm the reading with a Gaussmaster and although he did catch a reading from the end of the coffee table, he could not find the spike again.

No conclusions are drawn from this small spike, other than to reinforce a couple of points:

The Sperry Meter did not appear to be affected by the electrical storm.
The 0.6 living room spike was tested - the reading faded moving closer to the floor, or away from the spot in any direction.
It was at least 75cm - 1m away from other appliances or power sources.

TEMPERATURE: The temperature in the various rooms of the house ranged between 76f and 80f, depending on whether the air conditioning was on or not. Humidity was measured at 35%.

Cold Spots: One, possibly, whilst Dave Webb was sitting with his back to the window in the baby?s room. ?I felt like there was at least a degree colder air behind me than in front of me.?

Debunking: David D measured this area with a thermocouple later and noted no significant difference.

A total of 297 digital photos were taken. On review of these nothing unusual was noted.

A total of 28 hours of video was reviewed. Nothing unusual was captured

A total of 22.5 hours of Audio was captured. 1.5 hours was captured on analog tape, and 21 hours were captured on digital audio recording devices. On review of this audio, nothing unusual was revealed. During the EVP sessions no EVP?s were recorded.

Environmental Factors.

Temperature ranges in the home were steady; any slight variance is seen with the AC coming on or off. Humidity in the home was found to be within normal range at 35%. It is observed that air fresheners in the form of Plug-Ins are found throughout the home.


Sonoran Paranormal was unable to capture or directly substantiate any of the family's reported phenomena. SPI did find some potential explanations for reported noises however cannot explain the physical experiences of the Family including being pushed or touched. Examination of the evidence collected during the investigation did reveal that there is a great amount of thumping and bumping which travels through the apartment complex and all thumping and bumping noted by SPI did seem to be caused by neighbors or normal household noises. We did not experience the thumps and bumps to the degree described by the family so there does remain the possibility that the investigation simply occurred at a time where activity was low. Given that the paranormal does not perform to command, Sonoran Paranormal can only conclude that we did not find evidence supporting a haunting during this investigation.

Follow up note: SPI has learned that the family have purchased a new crib and taken down the old one. Mrs. reports that the baby now sleeps without issue in the new crib. She also reports that on one occasion, they were storing the old crib in the kitchen when some missionaries from the Mormon Church came by. The missionaries were invited into the home and during some discussion; a hissing sound was heard from the kitchen. It was assumed that this was the cat, however moments later the cat came down the stairs.