Investigation Report - Case #SPI04142007-S-KHRES Private Residence Tucson, AZ

Investigation Date: 4/14/07

Solar X-rays: Normal
Geomagnetic: Quiet
Temp: 78f Dew Point: 18ºf
Humidity: 11% Pressure 29.94" falling
Wind: ESE 6mph
Moon: Waning Crescent

The house has air conditioning and the internal temperature remained a constant 76ºf but the humidity was between 36 and 40%. This may be significant.

Bedroom 1: At 21:15 Danielle felt the headboard move. We were unable to determine a specific cause for this distinct, jolting movement. We did not note any unusual traffic vibration at the time and the ceiling fan in the room wasn't producing anywhere near a strong enough draft to make it happen.

Master Bedroom: At 22:08 Paul developed a nosebleed. Paul commented that this had been happening to him recently because of elevated stress levels. He felt it to be coincidental. There didn't appear to be any accompanying phenomena. Dave W reported a cool spot in the room, this turned out to be because he was sitting in the flow of air from the A/C.

Bedroom 2: At 22:56 Danielle reported a whisper (this has yet to show up on any audio). The closet in bedroom 2 has a beaded curtain. Two of the investigators left to take bio-breaks and David D paused to tapes in a video camera. Danielle noticed that the curtain was swaying, as if it had been pushed hard, although none of the investigators had been near it at the time. Subsequent to this, we tested the curtain to find out how much force would set it swinging and determined that someone would have needed to either walk through it or deliberately make it swing in order to get the same type and range of motion.

David's Room: Whilst doing some EVP work, we heard a tapping noise. Several questions were asked in order to determine whether the noise was a response to the questions or just coincidental. We were able to find the source of the noise - a small plastic object with a rounded end resting on the back edge of a cabinet and rocking back and forward. We were able to replicate the sound by touching the cabinet, or by moving around on the floor, but it must be noted that at least two incidents of the small object moving happened when no one was moving around and no one was touching the cabinet.

Environmental Factors.
The high levels of humidity inside might be explained by poor shower or drier venting - the drier was on when we entered the house. It did seem significantly cooler downstairs than up and Family members did state that the A/C was on which allowed them to sleep better. If warm, humid air had been causing people to sleep poorly it suggests that there might be something structural at work, although the husband is an A/C engineer and seemed content that the system was working well.

The house is situated near a busy road. We were able to record traffic noise and see headlights all night. There also seemed to be some limited vibration coming through the house as a result. This, coupled with the rather bouncy floorboards upstairs, might help account for objects moving or falling - although this does not address all of the incidents that the homeowners mentioned.

We were also able to see (and hopefully document) some shadow effects caused by the interaction of car headlights and the window in David's room. On several occasions different team members saw what looked like a silhouette with a distinct head shape in the window. After observing this for well over an hour we were able to conclude that this might be a cause of some of the shadows reported, and the interaction of other shadows with the wall opposite the window might explain reports of shadows moving there too.

Shadows were reported by the bathroom, so we set a temperature sensor and a Trifield EMF meter to act as a motion detector. The EMF meter did not react to anything over the course of the night and the temperature sensor remained at a steady 76ºf.


Sonoran Paranormal was unable to capture or directly substantiate any of the homeowners reported phenomena. SPI did find some potential explanations for reported shadows on the walls and reported lights witnessed. Examination of the evidence collected during the investigation did not reveal unusual findings however we were not able to explain all of the phenomena reported by the homeowner and thus would not consider this case closed. There remains the possibility that the investigation simply occurred at a time where activity was low. Given that the paranormal does not perform to command, Sonoran Paranormal can only conclude that we did not find evidence supporting a haunting. SPI would, however, have hoped to be able to provide clearer explanations for the things that the family has witnessed. As a consequence this case remains undetermined and SPI would be happy to conduct further investigation should the homeowner desire. Sonoran Paranormal does not however feel that the health and safety of the family are in jeopardy from any paranormal activity in the home and do not find that the phenomena and experiences the family reports are of a malicious nature.